Sweet Corn Pancake & Waffle Mix, 16oz

Sweet Corn Pancake & Waffle Mix, 16oz


Ever wonder how ‘corny’ entered the vernacular? I didn’t think so. But when we were writing the copy for this page the thought struck us. Corny usually refers to something silly or goofy. But what if it hadn’t entered the vernacular until right now. What if ‘corny’ meant a corn food product that was so delicious that it was a reverential term, sort of like how ‘gorgeous’ is a few stages above 'pretty?' So, you might say ‘WOW, these Sweet Corn Pancakes are so corny, they’re fantastically tasty!”

Our Bo's Best Sweet Corn mix is the perfect addition to any meal.  Pour on the syrup, spread on the honey, slather them in butter or top with chili, salsa or shredded beef for an old fashioned comfort food treat from Bo’s Best. Great by themselves or add some of your own ingredients to make a different corn mix every time: blueberries, fresh corn, cheddar cheese, red peppers, olives, onion and /or spices. Makes either pancakes or a cornbread loaf. We hope you enjoy our Bo's Best Sweet Corn mix!

Mix makes about 20 (4") pancakes.

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