Portable UV Lamp Sterilizer, Dekhongmi Hand Mini Germicidal UVC Light for Travel Household Wardrobe UV Disinfection Lamp (White)

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Portable Ultraviolet Sterilization Lamp
Fast sterilization in 10 seconds, with sterilization rate of 99.9%; Light, exquisite and easy to carry.

Power: 0.2W*3
Material: ABS
Color: White
LED Qty: 3
Disinfection time: 10 seconds
Lamp bead life: more than 10000 hours
Power Supply: USB Charging
Power Input 5v == 1.0A, Micro USB2.0
Battery capacity: 400mAh Lithium battery
UVC Wavelength: 200-275nm
Size: 125*30*15mm
Weight: 20g
Cellphone, Keyboards, Toys, Bedding, Crawling mat, Toilet, Crib ,Pet items,Pet environmental, etc.


UV Sterilization  Principle
Ultraviolet light is divided into four bands of A/B/C/D, and the c band has a bactericidal effect.

UVC can destroy the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, making them lose their ability to reproduce and die,

Achieving the effect of disinfection and sterilization!


Package Included :1 × UV Disinfection Lamp(Not Included Batteries

Material: ABSLight

color: purple

Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery