kids eating fun flavors of pancakes. vanilla, buttermilk, ginger, chocolate chip and more

It all started when…

Denise O’Keefe created the mixes from family recipes in her bakery in Oakland, CA in 1996. The mixes quickly became top seller in the quaint Rockridge community. Eventually, Denise added differing flavors and spices and took her mixes to local stores and shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and to the Internet.

Bo’s Best was purchased in November, 2018 by Tahoe Park Foods, a partnership formed by the Gilmour family — Kathy, and two of her daughters, Chelsea and Emily.

We are proud to be a qualified "Women Owned Business".

“The Gilmour girls are especially excited to have entered into the dry mix space and to have acquired Bo’s Best as our starting point. We found the mixes to be fantastic and loved the fact that they came with so many varied flavors. It is going to be great fun for us to develop the business further.” Chelsea Marshall, CEO