bos best pancakes and waffle mix in a fun flavor

Pancakes, Waffles, Scones & Crepes


Made from time tested recipes using real all-natural ingredients. Bo’s Best Pancake and Waffle Mix began selling in 1996 at a bakery in the Rockridge Village, Oakland, CA. Our difference is the unique flavors and spices within the products we offer. You won’t find mixes like these on many store shelves.

As a small family and women owned business, We are committed to both quality ingredients and customer services.

bo's best seven flavors of pancakes, including on that is a gluten-free pancake.

Pancakes & Waffles

Select  from 7  unique flavors, including 1 that is free of gluten.

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bos best scones flavors

Scones & Crepes

Treat your family to something special.   The aroma alone will bring a smiles to their faces.

Just add butter and perhaps one of your favorite jams for a fabulous taste experience.  You might even want to try one of our unique butter mix seasonings.

Once again, we offer one that is free of gluten.


"They were so satisfying, they had the perfect amount of heartiness mixed with fluffiness we all strive for when making our own pancakes at home!" -@Kaitlin