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Bo’s Best Pancake and Waffle Mix began selling in 1996 at a small bakery in Rockridge (Oakland), California. It was from a recipe my mother gave me and our family loved. I changed and added ingredients and came up with a winning collection of pancake and waffle breakfast fun. The name "Bo" is a childhood name of mine that a good friend used to call me and a few people still do. Naming the product Bo’s Best was natural, it was the best pancake mix I have ever made or tasted (I hope you think so, too!) and a company was born.

Over the years, Bo's Best pancakes attracted many followers. Once people tried our pancakes, they gave it to their friends and their friends gave it to their friends and before we knew there was a demand for our product. I started receiving letters from people in distant states because only local people could get it at the bakery or local farmers' markets so we decided to expand into selected stores and sell it on the web for our customers who live throughout the United States.

My true marketing research comes from my children and their friends, they love my pancakes and won’t eat pancakes unless they are Bo’s. Over the years many children have enjoyed pancakes in my kitchen and they keep coming back for more. I guess that's why they call me the Pancake Lady. Once you try Bo’s Best, it's hard to eat the old standard pancakes again.

My philosophy is to use only the highest quality ingredients, I think you’ll be able to taste the difference.

I hope you linger over breakfast or indulge and have them for dinner, they are simply delicious any time of day. They also make a great snack.

Thank you for trying Bo’s Best.


Denise O’Keefe

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